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Stop ghosting your email list with the Email Marketing Templates..  

Listen, I get it, showing up in someone’s inbox can be intimidating – from choosing your subject line, creating a landing page, and deciding what to talk about that can bring value. 

Yet, you know email marketing is vital to your business. It’s the only platform you own and your most direct form of communication with your audience. I’ve simplified the email marketing process for you with this collection of templates that has everything you need to kickstart your email marketing. This template suite guides you in writing copy for your sign up forms, confirmation notifications, a welcome email sequence that will activate subscribers, and a newsletter format that consistently delivers an open rate of 40-60% for my clients.

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Welcome Email Templates


With each template an example is included, and the prompts make it easy to utilize ChatGPT for your first draft, while also owning your unique voice. You’ll receive a video with my best writing practices, introduction to the template and how to use it, ways to utilize chatGPT, and a quick tour of how this template works! 

Email Marketing Welcome Sequence & Newsletter Template

Grab The Copy Templates Every Small Business Owner Needs

The Small Business Copy Kit

A 4-in-1 comprehensive suite of copy templates that will empower you to break through the noise and speak to the heart.

elevate your business

The Small Business Copy Kit is an essential suite of copy templates that will empower you to…

Write in your authentic voice

Share your story with timeless elegance

Expertly guide your audience as they transform from curious visitor to an engaged community. 

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