When you only have one shot, bet on yourself. 

For the wild at heart, you’re in good company. 

A ghostwriter and copywriter living in Nashville, TN.

I partner with my clients to craft the words that will create their world, from the book they’ve been dreaming of writing to brand messaging that stands out in any market. 

Hello, I’m Danielle Cook...

With a decade of experience in writing, marketing and brand strategy,

I’ve partnered with over a hundred thought-leaders and troublemakers to own their magic and craft the words and communication strategies that empower them to break through the noise and speak to the heart of their audience. 

Once we tap into that magic, their voice and authority are absolutely stunning, and from that place, I craft the words that will help them build their world. 

I started my own business in 2018, not long after my daughter was born. To make a long story short, it soon became clear that going back to my old job, although I loved it, would not work. Motherhood soon made me realize that, with entrepreneurship and leaning into my love of story and my passion for words, I could have a shot at the life I was dreaming of. Despite that dream and the opportunity, I was terrified.

Starting a small business is tough as it is; doing it with a newborn is excruciating.

Finally, when I looked back over the course of my career, I saw clearly that every time I was thriving or successful was when I decided to trust myself and go the unconventional path. Against the odds, I bet on myself, and every day I am incredibly thankful for my daughter, who gave me the courage to do so. Now when I work with a client, I lean into their courageous story and learn about the moment they decided to bet on themselves.

If you’ve answered that wild call inside your heart, the one that says you can blaze your own trail and stay true to your vision, I see you. I’m here to help you hone the power of your story and create change. Whether they've called you an underdog, troublemaker, long shot, or something I can’t repeat in front of the kids…I see you.

So, let’s skip the small talk and go ruffle a few feathers together. 

Your story needs to be told.

Your story deserves to be told with a classic elegance that will stand the test of time. 

I’m a crier! So, whether it’s a tear-jerker moment in a movie or our convo just went deep, chances are you’re going to see some waterworks! 

My daughter is the light of my life and partner in crime. 

Enneagram 4 wing 3 (no surprise there). 

You should probably know...

I love to travel and am always down for a spontaneous road trip. 

I’m still perfecting the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. 

kind words from some remarkable people


- Amber Zaricor, Owner & Creative Director at Copperheart Creative

 She asks deep, informative questions to dig into their story and ensuring she pulls out their personality. This results in her crafting copy that reflects themselves better than they could have ever said it themselves, and better yet... accurately to their target audience!"

"Danielle's personality is perfect to mesh with our clients' wide variety of industries, backgrounds, and styles!

- Hannah Stephenson of Stephenson Home Co.

She is dedicated, diligent and not afraid to offer to do things twice if it doesn't fit or I want to add more to the content she has provided. I highly recommend Danielle."

"She so naturally communicates with her words what to me seems magical. 

- Anna Caro of MOTIV Interiors

If you're ready to open up and trust a pro, she's the one! If you're ready to put in a little time and effort yourself, the results will blow your mind."

"The uplevel has been insane and I would highly recommend her services.