Copywriting Templates For Your Website, Email Marketing, and Social Media

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The Copy Templates That Every Small Business Needs

The Small Business Copy Kit 

The Small Business Copy Kit

Expertly guide your audience as they transform from curious visitors to your best customers. 

Write in your authentic voice.

Share your story with timeless elegance.

I guide you each step of the way with my trusted processes! These templates are easy to use with instructional videos to make sure you know exactly how to use them best. I’ve specifically made them to be ChatGPT friendly, so you know how to start and structure your messaging. 

An essential suite of copy templates that will empower you.

The Small Business Copy Kit Includes: 

Website Copy Templates 

Email Marketing Sequences 

Cold Pitch to Booked Client Email Sequence

Instructional videos with my best writing tips and instructions on template use

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ChatGPT friendly prompts so you have some great copy to work with

A Word doc version as well as a beautifully designed PDF

Hello I’m Danielle Cook, Copywriter & Ghostwriter 

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After working with almost 100 thought leaders and entrepreneurs, I’m so excited to share my proven strategy and structure for copy that delivers results! Long story short I can’t stand fluff digital products, let alone templates. And when I realized I could’t recommend any reputable templates to people looking to DIY their copy, I finally decided to release mine. So I set out to create comprehensive templates that empower you to own your voice, and share your story. Along the way I’ll share with you my most effective copywriting strategies to convert your followers into an engaged community. 

DIY Copywriting Templates

Social Media Calendar Template 

Sales Page Template

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Welcome Email Sequence Templates


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Website Copy Templates 

Own Your Voice. Speak To Your Ideal Client. Grow Your Business


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An instructional video on best writing practices, how to effectively use the templates with chatGPT, and a tour of each document to help jumpstart your success!

My tried and true structure and strategy for connecting with your audience and converting them to engaged clients. 

An easy to use Word doc (hint: I like to upload mine to Google to use as a Google Doc copy template) as well as a beautifully designed PDF.

Every copy template includes:

Absolutely! The guided prompts are ChatGPT friendly and in the introductory video I’ll walk you step by step how to use them with ChatGPT. 

01. Can I use these templates with ChatGPT?

Upon completion of your purchase you will receive your templates via email with an attached Zip file. Inside of the file will be the templates in both PDF and Word doc format, as well as your instructional videos. 

If you do not receive your files within 24 hours of purchase please reach out to 

02. How will my templates be delivered? 

No, this is not a public label rights product. When you purchase the template you are purchasing your exclusive use.

03. Can I share this amongst my friends or clients? 

Due to the digital nature of the product, all sales are final. You are welcome to explore our other terms and conditions. 


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