Hone your voice. Own your magic. Share your message with the world. 

Brand Messaging that breaks through the noise and speaks to the heart. 

Between a digital space growing ever louder, fear that your competitors are saying it much better, and wondering what Ashley from 10th grade will think, using your voice in your business can feel terrifying. (And let’s be honest, writing your own bio is THE WORST!) That, my friend, is where brand messaging and a communication strategy come in. 

Brand Messaging for Businesses With Big Stories 

Behind every small business is a big story, but sometimes telling it can be a little...well, tricky. 

Here are a few signs that your business is in need of brand messaging and a communication strategy: 

You’ve worked your butt off and are ready to level up from your bootstrapped beginnings. 

You’re struggling to write copy that feels and sounds consistent across platforms.

You are unsure if it’s “okay” to post or talk about a certain topic. 

You feel like you are reinventing the wheel to describe your business each time you have to write your bio, a web page, blog, or social post. 

You have approximately 1 million ideas but are unsure which to tackle first and how to share them with your audience.

You’re over having followers and are ready to cultivate a community that will partner with you for years to come. 

Brand Messaging That Gives You a Voice

It all starts with words. From the first time you share your business idea with someone you love to the moment you make your 100th sale, the words are what created your business. 

The words you use to describe the passion that drives you and your business are absolutely integral to your success.

A brand messaging package and communication strategy provide you with the words that clearly share what you want to say, how you want to say it, and when to say it. 

Your words create your world. So, whether you are a luxury travel agent booking tickets to exotic lands, a photographer capturing someone’s world in a single shutter snap, or a florist helping people mark all that life has to offer, your unique voice deserves to be heard. 

Give Voice To Your Vision With
Brand Messaging 

A comprehensive brand messaging package gives you all the tools needed to consistently captivate and engage your audience, including: 

Define Your Voice 

A voice and tone summary so that all your content is consistently and uniquely you. Empowering you to own your magic moving forward. 

Captivating Assets 

Taglines, boilerplate, core values, a comprehensive client avatar, and more of the foundational assets needed to communicate your message.

Communication Goals

Clearly defined and attainable communication goals for the next 12 months that will move your business forward.

Voice and tone summary 

Every Brand Messaging package includes: 

Investment begins at


Mission statement

Company boilerplate

Taglines (Primary and Secondary)


Client avatar

Ideal audience description

Content themes descriptions 

Suggested communication goals for the next 12 months 

Additional option: 12-month communication strategy. 

  • A 12-month strategy for achieving your communication goals. I’ll break your vision down into a three-phase strategy with actionable steps per quarter. You’ll know exactly when you educate, promote, and launch your services and products. 

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 Kind Words From Clients and Colleagues

No matter your goals for your business, Danielle and her team and network will develop a potent strategy to transform your business and deflect what's not in alignment with your vision.  

- ANNA CARO, motiv interiors

Danielle has provided more value to my business than I knew existed. She patiently walked me through her process from start to finish and from our first meeting, I knew exactly what to expect.

- hannah stephenson, stephenson home co.

I felt so confident partnering with Danielle as an extension of our team at Copperheart Creative. She represented my company with excellence and outstanding customer service to my clients.

- amber zaricor, copperheart creative

Working with Danielle along the way has made every brand development spot on—I’m able to present 2-3 logos and visually communicate exactly what a client had in mind on round 1.

- amanda barnhart

She was able to pull the words I wanted to say right out of my head in a way that had my voice and meaning. She's amazing. 

- candace galiffa, new way accounting

I'm Danielle Cook. Brand Messaging Ace

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I’m a music industry professional turned writer. For years I worked in artist management, developing brand strategies and often writing copy on behalf of our artists in their unique voices.

From years of helping artists build their brands, I understand that your story is one of your most powerful possessions. Now, I have the joy and honor of helping business owners share their stories, own their magic, and create a community that will partner with them for years to come. 

Ready to Own Your Magic?

Let’s curate your brand’s messaging and hone a communication strategy that speaks to the heart of your ideal audience.  

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