Brand Messaging that breaks through the noise and speaks to the heart.

Hone your voice. Own your magic. Share your message with the world.

Behind every small business is a big story, let’s tell yours.

Behind every small business is a big story, let’s tell yours. 

Is your voice being drowned out in a constantly growing louder digital space? It’s time to take a look at your brand messaging. 

Here are a few signs that your business is in need of brand messaging: 

  • You’re struggling to write copy that feels and sounds consistent across platforms and authentic to your voice. 
  • You are unsure if it’s “okay” to post or talk about a certain topic. 
  • You feel like you are reinventing the wheel to describe your business each time you have to write your bio, a web page, blog, or social post. 
  • You’re over having followers and are ready to cultivate a community that will partner with you for years to come. 

Brand Messaging That Gives You a Voice

Together we’ll capture your unique voice, give words to your passion and capture the hearts of your audience. 

It all starts with words. From the first time you share your business idea with someone you love to the moment you make your 100th sale, the words are what created your business. 

A brand messaging package provides you with the words that clearly share what you want to say, and how you want to say it. 

So, whether you are a luxury travel agent booking tickets to exotic lands, a photographer capturing someone’s world in a single shutter snap, or a florist helping people mark all that life has to offer, your unique voice deserves to be heard.

Give Voice to Your Vision With Brand Messaging 

A comprehensive brand messaging package gives you all the tools needed to consistently captivate and engage your audience.

A voice and tone summary so that all your content is consistently and uniquely you.

Taglines, boilerplate, core values, a comprehensive client avatar, and more of the foundational assets needed to communicate your message.

Clearly defined and attainable communication goals for the next 12 months that will move your business forward.

Define Your Voice

Captivating Assets

Communication Goals

Classic Brand MesSaging

Classic Brand Messaging

  • Voice and tone summary 
  • Mission statement
  • Company boilerplate 
  • Taglines
  • Primary 
  • Secondary 

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  • A Founder Bio 
  • Client avatar 
  • Ideal audience description
  • Content themes descriptions 
  • SEO research 
  • Suggested communication goals for the next 12 months 

investment $3000

Brand Messaging & The Small Business Copy Kit

Brand Messaging & The Small Business Copy Kit

This packages includes all the assets in the Classic Brand Messaging pacakge and access to my Small Business Copy Kit. A collection of copy templates designed to empower small business owners to create the copy assets every business needs. Saving your time and setting you up for success. 


investment $3500

  • Website Copy 
  • Email welcome sequences and newsletter setup. 
  • Cold pitch to booked email sequence template 

The Small Business Copy Kit Includes

Brand Messaging & Custom Website Copy

Brand Messaging & Custom Website Copy

This packages includes all the assets in the Classic Brand Messaging package as well as out Website Copy Essentials Packages.

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investment $6500

  • Home Page 
  • About Page
  • Main Service/ Product Page 
  • Contact Page 
  • Blog Sidebar Copy 
  • SEO Optimization

Website Copy Essentials include copy for the following pages:

Kind Words

I can not begin to describe how seen I felt during the brand messaging and website copy process. Danielle was able to untangle the jumbled threads in my mind. What she created is a beautiful reflection of my heart and passion in an easy to understand and compelling way. If you’re struggling to put words to what you do, I could not recommend enough working with Danielle.

- Heather Deyo, Casa Erica Travel

I’m Danielle Cook, Brand Messaging Ace

I’m a music industry professional turned writer. For years I worked in artist management, developing brand strategies and often writing copy on behalf of our artists in their unique voices. From years of helping artists build their brands, I understand that your story is one of your most powerful assets. Now, I have the joy and honor of helping business owners share their stories, own their magic, and create a community that will partner with them for years to come.

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Let’s curate your brand’s messaging and hone a communication strategy that speaks to the heart of your ideal audience. 

When you’re ready reach out to schedule a 30 minute video connect call. During this time I’ll be able to learn more about your needs, share a bit about my process and decided if we’re a good fit to work together. After our call I’ll share with you a proposal to make things official.


After you complete your proposal you will receive a prep questionnaire and we will set up a 90 minute discovery session. During this video call I’ll dive into your voice, your story and your vision. Giving me a chance to absorb your voice.


Over the course of the next two weeks I’ll begin the process of drafting your brand messaging. Ensuring I curate the words that will serve your business today and take it into the vision you have for the future. 


Once your brand messaging is drafted we’ll have a one hour call to go through your brand messaging line by line. Ensuring each word captures your heart. From there I will conduct a final round of revision and polish. 


Your brand messaging will be delivered to you in both a PDF and editable doc format. Making it easy for you to access your assets and share them with your team. 


Brand messaging is a suite of written assets that empower you to strategically and effectively communicate what you do and your unique approach. 

1. What is brand messaging?

As we say in the literary world: There is nothing new under the sun. But your story is completely yours. A strategic brand messaging deck focuses on your unique story and approach in order to empower you to build the like, know and trust factor with your audience.

2. Why is brand messaging important for my business?

As part of your brand messaging package I’m happy to work with and edit the elements of your current brand messaging. Ensuring we carry over what you love and strategically fill the gaps. 

3. Do you offer a brand messaging audit?

Your brand messaging can be used to ensure consistent and effectiveness in your website copy, social media, video content and more! 

4. How can I use my brand messaging?

Ready to Own Your Magic?

Let’s curate your brand’s messaging and hone a communication strategy that speaks to the heart of your ideal audience. 

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