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February 18, 2020

Your vision deserves to be told with a classic elegance that will stand the test of time. 

Explore my services, and let’s own your magic. 


 I am a ghostwriter and copywriter who specializes in creating copy that breaks through the noise and speaks to the heart. 

From my home in Nashville, I help leaders and troublemakers write their books and craft the words that will build their world. 

Hello, I'm Danielle Cook

Amber is the founder and Creative Director of Copperheart Creative, and a fellow B2B business owner. She develops customized branding assets that fit their business and allows them to stand out aesthetically. Often times her clients are also in need of copywriting services, so when Amber approached about collaborating for Aaron with Brighter Brew, I could not have been more excited. 


Aaron’s expertise and passion for the beer industry were clearly evident from the get-go. With a knack for numbers, we wanted to ensure that his fun personality was not lost amongst the data-driven strategies he would bring to potential clients. We needed to find the right balance between reliability and professionalism. 


Confident // Witty // Savvy // Avid // Keen // Aspiring


Amber had a detailed game plan for the layout of Aaron’s web page. The outline really empowered me to know how much space we had to work with. From there, Aaron and I worked lockstep together to develop each section of the site. With our aim to speak directly to his niche audience and equip them with the information they would need. Allowing them to feel confident about working with Aaron before even speaking with him. 


Web Page Copy :

  • Tagline Development 
  • Company Description
  • Process Description 
  • Naming Service Packages & Developing Descriptions
  • About Me

Webpage Copy

Tagline and Intro

Damn good results on tap. 

Where a curated business strategy and exceptional beer brew together.

You’ve got great beer. Brighter Brew can help you craft a strategic plan to keep your business growing.

About Brighter Brew 

Passionate about great beer, good business strategy, and long term success.

Today’s beer consumer has never had more choice. As beer drinkers, we love the variety and the growth of our community, but as brewers, competition has never been tougher. As our industry continues to change, developing a robust, data-driven, strategic plan for driving improved results in a competitive market is critical. 

Once you have a financially sound, long-term plan, you will achieve the security you aspire to while implementing strategies that deliver results.

Equipped with nearly a decade of experience at the world’s largest brewer, and an ASQ-trained Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt, Brighter Brew is the partner you’ve been looking for. Where you see numbers, Brighter Brew sees the keys to your success and understands that the right processes can change everything. 

The Brighter Brew Process

1 Identify 

Brighter Brew will examine all the data you can throw our way. Every number tells a story that is integral to understanding your business. Specifically, we will use your financial and operational data to identify opportunities to drive efficiency in operations and optimize revenue……all while keeping your dreams and goals for the future at the forefront.

2. Build 

We lay a foundation and frame out a strategy to achieve the business goals you have been dreaming of. We’ll address the challenges and identify opportunities while protecting the integrity of the great beer you and your community love.

3. Execute 

Together we will develop a cohesive plan with projects and actions that can deliver your short-term goals and drive toward your long-term strategy. When the process is completed, you will be well on your way to better results and the long-term success you have been dreaming of.

Our Services

Every business is unique, but data-driven action plans are for everyone. Brighter Brew tailors smart business strategies to the nuances of your business while effectively discovering opportunities for growth and implementing effective change. You have the dream, and together we create the map to achieving it. 

A High-Gravity Strategy

Like a big, bold Double IPA, it’s full, balanced, aggressive, and guaranteed to take you where you want to be. For a brewery leader looking to create a step-change impact on their results, Brighter Brew will dive into the data, analyze for opportunity, and partner with you to develop a custom strategic plan as potent as your headiest brew. We’ll work together to define what success looks like for you: Distribution growth? Reduced cost of goods? Debt Payback? More cash to invest behind your brand? Whatever it is, we’ll chart a clear path to get you there. Once we build your planned set of initiatives, Brighter Brew can also help you manage your project portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Lean Manufacturing Program Implementation

Implementing Lean/Six Sigma tools into your Supply Chain processes does the same thing for your business’s performance as barrel aging does for big Imperial Stouts: makes sure it keeps getting better over time. By creating a culture of continuous improvement and making progress part of your DNA, you can ensure that your whole team will always be finding ways to make processes–and results–better, year after year. Either as a part of building your High-Gravity Strategy, or as a standalone service, Brighter Brew’s ASQ-trained Six Sigma Green Belt will help you to embed these tools into your business and can provide ongoing change management support.

Start-Up Consulting

Just getting started? Working on securing investment? Just think your business plan needs a little more “conditioning?” Let’s ensure the numbers align with your vision and set you on the path to success. Before you hit the ground running, we’ll take a 360 approach to your business plan and analyze every line of your financial forecast to ensure it lays a foundation for short-term security and long-term achievement.

Valuation and M&A Due Diligence

Teaming up for the long-haul is a big decision. Having great beer and like-minded, creative brewers are both hugely important, but we all want to make sure we are getting the best possible deal too, which is why an outside evaluation is crucial. We will review current performance, pinpoint synergies, and determine whether terms are favorable.

Whether you are buying or selling, partnering with Brighter Brew on this critical step will provide the peace of mind you are looking for during the merger or acquisition process.

Meet Aaron 

A brewer, and an expert in the beer business with a knack for numbers

I’m passionate about two things: great beer and bridging the gap between the numbers and your business’s success. With almost a decade of experience at the world’s largest brewer, I implement proven strategies for businesses desiring consistent and sustainable improvement.

More importantly, I am a brewer first. I love the craft, the product, and the business. I understand the pride that brewers take in their beer, and I know how special it feels to see my beer in someone’s hand, to have the opportunity to share with them the crafted ingredients, meticulous process, and hard work that goes into every bottle, and most importantly, to share my beer with someone and walk away with a new friend.

At Brighter Brew, I believe that a crafted business strategy goes hand-in-hand with the best damn beer you have to offer. Working in an industry surrounded by professionals who are passionate about great beer is a privilege, and it’s one I’ll never take for granted.

Kind Words 

“I felt so confident partnering with Danielle as an extension of our team at Copperheart Creative. She represented my company with excellence and outstanding customer service to my clients. Danielle’s personality is perfect to mesh with our clients’ wide variety of industries, backgrounds, and styles! She asks deep, informative questions to dig into their story and ensuring she pulls out their personality. This results in her crafting copy that reflects themselves better than they could have ever said it themselves, and better yet… accurately to their target audience! I would absolutely recommend Danielle for copywriting services, especially if you’re trying to nail down your brand voice!”  – Amber Zaricor, Owner & Creative Director at Copperheart Creative

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Your vision deserves to be told with a classic elegance that will stand the test of time. 

Explore my services, and let’s own your magic. 


 I am a ghostwriter and copywriter who specializes in creating copy that breaks through the noise and speaks to the heart. 

From my home in Nashville, I help leaders and troublemakers write their books and craft the words that will build their world. 

Hello, I'm Danielle Cook